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The Home is situated in the leafy suburb of Fullarton, south east of the city of Adelaide toward the foothills which are visible from the Home.  In a quiet residential area, it is only a short drive by car, taxi or public transport into the city and there are a number of shopping centres and community centres close by.

We seek to maintain the dignity and independence of each resident by encouraging self-help and a caring concern for fellow residents.

Whether you are seeking residential care for yourself or a loved one, contact Fullarton Lutheran Homes today to discuss your needs. Whilst visiting you will note our friendly staff and warm environment, just 2 of many reasons why our residents love to call FLH… home.

Our facility has the resources of a large dedicated group of professionals for providing dignified, respectful and genuine quality individualised care.

Fullarton Lutheran Homes was established in 1928 and in 1931 the facility moved to 54 Fisher Street, Fullarton.  Today the facility is located at 14 Frew Street, Fullarton. Over the years Fullarton Lutheran Homes acquired a number of adjoining properties for independent living. The facility at 14 Frew Street has undergone a number of upgrades and continues to do so, to maintain the Home’s high standard.

The main complex is bounded by Fisher, Frew, Watson and Darby Streets with a number of smaller properties in close proximity.

The Home is situated in the leafy suburb of Fullarton, south east of the city of Adelaide, toward the foothills which are visible from the Home.  It is easily accessed by road and public transport. It is only a short drive by car, taxi or public transport into the city of Adelaide and there are a number of shopping centres nearby.

The facility at FLH offers contemporary and comfortable accommodation to Residents and caters for Residents with special needs.  There are 184 Residential Care beds, 11 Transition Care Program beds, 11 Serviced Apartments and 39 Independent Living Units.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

‘To be a Christian service organisation ministering holistically to the elderly.’


Fullarton Lutheran Homes’ Vision is to:

  • Provide the highest quality outcomes for all within our community.
  • Be a centre of excellence and innovation in the provision of holistic care and service delivery in accordance with best practice.
  • Possess a strong commitment to enhancing, maintaining, protecting and developing the valued contemporary roles of individuals in society.


  • Fullarton Lutheran Homes’ Values:
  • Continuous improvement in all aspects of service provision.
  • Integrity, legal and ethical behaviour at all times.
  • Positive participation and creativity.
  • Individuals being treated with dignity, courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Professionalism, commitment, equal opportunity and mutual support.


Fullarton Lutheran Homes’ Objectives:

  • To ensure organisational development by establishing and maintaining management and staffing systems which are responsive to the needs of all stakeholders and the changing    environment in which we operate.
  • To ensure that, in partnership with the Resident, their comprehensive care needs are assessed and managed in accordance with best practice principles.
  • To ensure that Residents are supported in maintaining their individual rights, preferences and control over their own lives through informed choice and decision-making within a Christian environment.
  • To provide a safe and comfortable environment that contributes to the quality of life and welfare of Residents, Staff, Volunteers and Visitors.


Key Organisational Goals

Our Residents

Provide quality care accommodation and services to members of our community.

Actively advocate on behalf of residents in their best interest and that of the organisation, through consultation with clients and other stakeholders, and tailor services to best meet their needs.

Our People

We invest in human resource development and policies that reflect the essential part played by our staff in achieving our mission.

Our Facility and Services

Provide quality services and accommodation which achieves or exceeds full accreditation requirements. Engage in asset management that ensures a high standard of accommodation and service. Promote practices which are environmentally sensitive.

The solid lines in brick red outline a Home where residents can feel safe while enjoying life to the full.

Fullarton Lutheran Homes is a unique community in itself where the primary members of the community are the residents, the staff, the volunteers and other associated members, including the families of residents and numerous service providers.

The nature of the community requires a wide range of services and the provision of many activities.

This diversity of population and function is depicted by the golden segments in the form of a semi circle. The gold represents the age group of the residents, the senior golden years, as well as symbolising the shared faith expectations of receiving the crown of life promised by the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Our History

Established in 1928 under the name of the Australian Lutheran Aid Society, Fullarton Lutheran Homes initially rented a house for the purpose of Aged Care at 23 Edmond Street, Hyde Park.

Two years later, in 1931, the Society purchased the residence at 54 Fisher Street, Fullarton and transferred its work to this new site.

Over the years, the complex has grown and now covers the area bounded by Fisher, Frew, Watson and Darby Streets.

In 1995 the Administration section moved to 14 Frew Street and a new Nursing Home facility was built on the 54 Fisher Street site in 1996-1997.

In 2003, a new building Protea/Wattle was opened, providing new Low Care Residential Care rooms and Serviced Apartments.

In 2007, Jacaranda/Acacia, a new and partly refurbished building was opened, providing new facilities for 54 High Care Residents.

Under God’s guidance, and with the support of the Government and many friends, the Home has grown from a small and humble beginning into the present large complex.


14 Frew Street, Fullarton SA 5063

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