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Activities Program


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Activities Program


Newspaper Reading
Residents are read current affair topics from The Advertiser so they can keep up with what is happening in the world and discuss the articles of interest within a social atmosphere. There are also several newspaper tables around the Home for residents to catch up on news.

This activity is run weekly, residents are able to use past learnt skills such as knitting, crocheting, painting, sewing, cutting and making things to decorate the home.

Hobby Ladies
This activity is run on a Tuesday morning. Craft items are made and the products are sold to support the home. Volunteers come from the community and assist residents.

Residents get together in a social environment and play cards or scrabble.

Is run weekly in different areas and residents enjoy using past learnt skills and cooking some of their favourite recipes.

There are exercise groups occurring throughout the Home each week including a Yoga group which meets fortnightly for those residents who would like to participate.

Singing His Praise
Volunteer organ players come to our chapel to play Hymns for residents who choose to gather and sing the Hymns.

Tempting Taste Buds
This activity is run fortnightly and residents enjoy a social activity.

Every month different entertainers come and entertain the residents.

This activity is run in various areas around the Home.

Flower Arranging
Residents enjoy watching and helping leisure and lifestyle staff make flower arrangements to put on display.

Honey Pot
The Honey Pot cafe is open daily from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.  Residents and family/friends are able to get together and enjoy afternoon tea.  The Honey Pot also sell items for the residents to buy.

Indoor Bowls
This is run each week in the Chapel and Activity area in Beltana for residents to enjoy.

Volunteering at Fullarton Lutheran Homes

Are you interested in Volunteering?

WANTED – Weekend Volunteers

Volunteers for The Honey Pot café – no experience required and training supplied – once a week or once a month as often as you would like.

Profits from the café go directly to provide extra services for the residents of FLH

 If you would like to help contact Leony Jones on 8372 3555

Fullarton Lutheran Homes has a large team of volunteers. Many people volunteer to assist the staff to provide an excellent quality of life for the residents. The Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator manages volunteers’ who assist in the Home with activities, morning/afternoon teas, by befriending residents and interacting with them in sociable ways to help provide a community atmosphere.

Volunteers manage the The Honey Pot café, the profits of which go towards funding equipment for residents’ care and comfort. Fullarton Lutheran Homes Volunteers are bound by the same policies and procedures of safety as our employees.  Family and friends are welcome to volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer at Fullarton Lutheran Homes please contact Leony Jones from Leisure and Lifestyle on 8372 3555 or complete the Volunteer Application and Statutory Declaration and return to the Home.

The Honey Pot

Honey Pot cafe

The Honey Pot is open every day between 1:30pm and 4:30pm for coffee, cake and other café style fare. There are tables and chairs in the Honey Pot, and the courtyard is also set up with tables and chairs under shade sails for the enjoyment of residents and visitors when the weather is pleasant.

A small selection of toiletries, cards, stationery, confectionery, ice creams and biscuits are also available for purchase.

The Honey Pot is totally manned by volunteers, coordinated by Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator, Leony Jones.

The Home is very grateful for the contribution of time and effort given by our volunteers, which enables residents to enjoy an informal social environment in the heart of their home.

Also located in the Honey Pot is a coffee machine which has a variety of coffee choices and hot chocolate for $2 and a vending machine containing snacks and is available 24 hours/day for the convenience of residents, staff and visitors.

FLH Hair Salon


Fullarton Lutheran Homes has 2 modern hairdressing salons.

One is located in the main building near the Honey Pot and is open every weekday morning, except for Public Holidays. The second hairdresser is located in Beltana and is only open on Tuesdays.

Care staff are able to assist residents with making appointments.



The Library is located in the Sunflower Lounge and is open on Tuesdays between 10:00am and 11:00am for borrowing and returning books.

There is also a mobile service where residents are visited in their rooms with a selection of books to borrow.

The library also has a selection of large print books and jigsaw puzzles which may be borrowed.


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